i'm one of the many designers in silicon valley who believes great products change the world

the challenge

Designing great products is hard. Shipping great products is harder. No one team can do it alone. All teams need to focus on this common goal. It’s engineering, product marketing, the entire organization.

my work

This means that I play different roles. Sometimes, I am an interactive designer working on wireframes. Other times, I am a developer building interactive prototypes. Or I find myself campaigning for a product, advocating for users, managing a team, interfacing with an external agency.

current projects

All this hard work contributed to the successful launch of several products. I am also playing a key role in a few yet to be announced products. Stay tuned for more!

Mobile and devices

design manager, logitech

Defining the next generation of control experiences for your home entertainment system

Harmony Revuein stores

lead designer, logitech

Worked with Google to deliver the best internet tv experience with complete control of your devices